Cherry Pies & Deadly Lies
Book 1 in the Very Cherry Mystery Series

Crime with a slice of cherry pie!

Cherry enthusiast Whitey Bloom is furiously baking her way into the heart of Chicago with her fabulous cherry pie when she receives a desperate call from her mother. The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival has just kicked off at the Cherry Orchard Inn in Door County, Wisconsin, and the manager of the Bloom Family orchard has been found dead beneath the cherry blossoms.

Worse yet, all evidence points to Whitney’s father as the killer. After she races home to help, things really land in the pits for Whitney when she discovers that Jack MacLaren, her old high school nemesis, is Cherry Cove’s only police officer. Putting her cherry-tastic treats on hold, Whitney matches wits against Jack. But will she have what it takes to clear her father’s name and sift out the real Cherry Cove Killer?

At the Cherry Orchard Inn, “Cherry scones to die for” turns out to be all too true!

Cherry Scones & Broken Bones
book 2 in the Very Cherry Mystery series

Tainted by a recent murder, the Cherry Orchard Inn is struggling to attract guests–until celebrated portrait painter Silvia Lumiere books a room for the summer. Whitney Bloom, the inn’s new manager, can’t believe her good luck. Between her scrumptious cherry scones and the painter’s remarkable talent, the inn swiftly becomes the center of the Cherry Cove art scene.

However, all is not the bowl of cherries it appears. There’s a rotten core in the portrait painter that only Whitney and he friends can see. And just as Whitey’s baking skills and patience are pushed to their limits, another death occurs at the inn. With all the fingers pointing at her, Whitney realizes it will take all her cherry-tastic talents to baker her way out of this one.

The Exile of Sara Stevenson

In 1814, Sara Stevenson, the high-spirited daughter of celebrated Scottish lighthouse engineer, Robert Stevenson, disgraces her family by falling in love with the young sailor, Thomas Crichton. The two lovers embark on a clandestine affair and decide to elope, but on the day of their elopement Thomas fails to show up as planned, leaving Sara heartbroken and at the mercy of her overbearing family. Learning of their daughter’s fallen state, and seeing that Sara is unwilling to give up her obsession with the sailor, the Stevensons banish their daughter to the eerie outpost of Cape Wrath, the setting of their most desolate lighthouse. There Sara is forced to live with the dashing, reclusive light-keeper, William Campbell, a man rife with dark secrets. While Sara continues to search for Thomas, she becomes more entangled with the unsettling light-keeper. And just when she’s about to give up hope of ever finding her young lover again, a mystifying package arrives containing Thomas’s treasured pocket watch. Clinging to hope, Sara continues to correspond with the sender, an antiquarian form Oxford. And what she learns from this extraordinary stranger will not only help her unravel the mystery of Thomas’s untimely disappearance, but also compel her to face her feelings for William Campbell, a man with demons of his own and a growing love for the beautiful young woman placed in his care.

The Angel of Blythe Hall
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